Today I feel that I’m failing to learn since I’m sitting job-hunting instead of focsing on the task at hand. The procrastination theme is of course still strong since I’m trying to blog at the same time.

But I have started to read the html guide, and will try to get some tutorials going during the week. But first I will get a job. We can see a small contest here, are my job-hunting skills as awesome as I claim them to be?


I might fail to learn anything!

Hyper Island Stockholm 1

Image by aymanvanbregt via Flickr

I’m a student at Hyper Island, a school which has gotten world fame for it’s simple and demanding methodology. The model, summarized in the “learning by failing” motto stresses exactly that. A new perspective, willingness to learn, and to embrace change and learning outcomes is what we are taught in theory. In practice we are thrown into a pool of frustration, and given total and utter responsability to learn by ourselves, and to take advantage of all opportunities that we are given.

So if I have not learned whatI should I have only myself to blame.

Hence I will try to here document my learning failures, which will mostly be tales of procrastination if I’m honest, and frustration-driven rants if I try to elevate myself. If I manage to reach any of my learning goals I will brag about it, in the vain hope that someone will stumble upon my bragging and encourages me.

So let’s start by making a list of learning goals. What do I wish to learn this year?

Since I’m aimin for being a digital savant it deem it useful is I could actually use html, css and jQuery to make a website myself. So let’s start with that one. next I want to be able to make actually useful webpages, so some php would be good. And this will have to suffice for programming.

I need to learn to write a blog, and to give it proper quality content. How to build an online brand and presence as they say. And to combine this with a relevant twitter feed. To meet these goals I have the twitter account Quift, aswell as the blog. Other tools that I would need are something relevant to say, which is probably much tougher to achieve than to was to register these 2 accounts. Any tips for that are very welcome.

As a third goal we could add self-dicipline at this point. Since most of my life so far has been a long story of bullshitting, procrastination and laziness this should really be number one. But I couldn’t find any good online resources to do this, no service that would enable me to offload heavy lifting into the cloud. So we will let this one rest here at number three so far.

So, let’s get moving then.

Next up, crawling my way through some html noob tutorials and building something.