Learning something

So I have started to fool around in this web-page building business, and wanted to play aournd with google analytics. Unfortunatly this requires me to be able to upload code into the site which I can’t do on the hosted wordpress so I realized that I need to put u my own installation of this.

Thankfully I realized that since I have access to a server thanks to the very generous blackinternet.se I should start by building my own webpage, and eventually also host my pages myself. Since I just learned how to use SSH, and I’m a total newbie at coding I have now switched my initial focus from learning html, to learning apache and as a result I have registred a domain at quift.eu for the mere sum of 10 SEK for a year. Very cute. So once I get the domain, I will start building a webpage on it. Sofar the IP adress goes straight to my magento install (which I can’t figure out how to admin), so some tweaking will be done. The goal is to create a page which works with wordpress to begin with, and then build an aggregator for the blogs of my class.

I probably wont need any html to do this, but I sure as hell will need to go down into the apache config, and learn some proper linux command magic.